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Lesson Learned, hope we all can make note


Sorry for your misfortune but it's just another process in the learning cycle. These cars are hard to negociate as far as where to jack and where not to. I've just made it a point not to jack up nor place jack stands anywhere on a moving part at all. I use the rubber pads located behind the jacking points witha piece of wood as my flat contact point when lifting the front or the rear of the vehicle. Seems like Benz designed this for the floor hoists and figured it probably was strong enough to support the car with a floor jack properly applied to that area. Those supporting members are to hard to determine when they seem to appear to flimsy to support the weight of these tanks.
I'd change out the whole works in that area while I was tearing things apart anyway's. What's a few extra few bucks to renew the entire area when it will probably need it 10,000 miles down the road anyhow.

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