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The plot thickens again

After some running around I can now answer my own question. I found out the seals (116-070-00-77) don't work. They are too "short" and don't seal the gap between the block and the seal holder.
Again I went down to my local friendly shop. Looking at a couple of 300SE's parked there while the owner was digging for the correct seals, I realized these cars sport different type seals and holders almost every year.....

So the correct ones for my car are the ones that are pictured in my original post.Those that came off the car.
Thank you all for helping - I now have replaced the worn out very carbonized injectors in my car and am "happy" to report - this is never ending..The first thing I noticed is that the Idle now fluctuates when in park.Guess I should begin a new thread on that.
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