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Unhappy 1991 190E 2.6 Consistent rough idle

Yes, I did the search and read it all.

Mine, however, is minor in comparison and has very specific and consistent symptoms:

-- the engines idles roughly EVERY time it is started
-- it only does this for 3-8 seconds, then clears right up without giving it any additional accelerator
-- it does it in ALL temps and conditions, although sometimes is more minor than others
-- sometimes, even if it has been running, it will revert into this if idling at a stop light, etc.
-- it has never failed to start or clear up
-- car has 120k, I bought it 3k ago. Car has had this symptom for several years. Injectors have been replaced about 20k ago. Current injectors have been cleaned.
-- just had my 60k service, which did nothing to fix this problem

Ideas? I'm thinking some sort of vacuum problem but I don't know where to even start on that.

Runs perfectly, otherwise.

Thanks, Phillip
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