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this has shown up over the last couple days and seems to be getting worse
the car is a 79 280ce m110 engine
always strong, great runner, i have always kept it well tuned,ie, good cap,
rotor,wires plugs, filters,etc. new fuel pump and injectors 2 years ago, new filter 1 mo ago.well heres whats happening . car is cold from overnight. start the car
fires up right away starts a higher rich idle like its warming up then
starts to slow down like its going to die, then speed up and slow down,
does this maybe 6-8 times before leveling to a steady idle
then as we start to drive off as i give it gas it cuts off fast and starts chugging
the more gas the less anything happens then it dies .it will restart but i
have to put the pedal to the floor and keep the gas on and the engine speed
up to keep from chugging. here is a clue maybe. all this happened just
a while ago, we had to drive 120 miles to get home. well up to speed on the
highway all the power was there no problem when i stepped on it going 80 it
flew up to 100 in a hurry just like always.
drove home great until we got it back down to street speed then i couldnt
step on it without missing and chugging again. im thinking distributor? .any ideas would be really appreciated.let me know what other kind of things you might need to know