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I built a pin puller from three bits...

- A spare banjo bolt from a transmission cooler.
- A long 6mm bolt that's half an inch longer than the banjo bolt.
- A nut that threads to the banjo bolt.

Drill out the center of the banjo bolt such that the 6mm bolt fits into it. Put the nut on the banjo bolt.

To use it...

- Thread the 6mm nut into the guide rail until everything is snug.
- Hold the nut with a wrench.
- Hold the banjo bolt with a wrench and unscrew it from the bolt. This action will pull the pin too.

To completely pull the pin you may need a spacer nut between the head and the puller after the first try. And you'll also need a longer 6mm bolt.

That puller lasted me for about 6 engines (I bought a lot of dead cars over the years).

One day, I misplaced the banjo nut, so I just used lots of little nuts to get the same effect. A 6mm nut closed to the head of the bolt, followed by an 8mm nut for it to push against, followed by a 10mm nut because it was handy, followed by a 12mm nut since that's the size required to be against the head.

These two pullers only work if the pin can be drawn INTO the nut up against the head.

This year, 2 days before finding the hollow bolt, I broke down and spent the 70$ on the real puller (a carefully crafted piece of metal that is about 4 times longer than my transmission bolt, but just as hollow). Considering that I designed my first one w/o seeing "the real thing", I was very pleased. Except of course, that I was out the money.

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