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Better performance through "MUCH" superior chemistry or marketing? [/B][/QUOTE]

Pardon my poor use of cut and paste, but that statement speaks volumes about Mobil 1, which is a superior motor oil by any measure, but not the best. It is simply backed by a multi-billion dollar Exxon-Mobil marketing machine, while Amsoil is a small business using a multi-level marketing low cost business approach. BTW, I am NOT a dealer, don't care to be, I make enough in my day job.

I like to run the best in my car and Amsoil simply is, the research has been done by several independant organizations (just do the google search) including FTC when they were testing PTFE additives. The term "First in Synthetics" was being used by Amsoil, as they were the first manufacturor of fully synthetic automotive motor oil. The FTC tested this term both against their claim as "first" chronologically as well is "first" as possibly read as being best, and low and behold, it was the best. BTW FTC ruled that PTFE was a snake oil (slick 50, etc...).

Three things ultimately matter in a motor oil. Kenetic Viscocity, Film Strength, and Flash Point, in all three the Amsoil Series 2000 is superior to Mobil 1.

Notice that Amsoil scored three times less wear on the ASTM Four Ball Wear test than Mobil 1? ASTM by the way is the "American Society for Testing and Materials". They are the oil industry approved lab for the testing of motor oils and lubes. They are the real thing, like SAE.

Also look at the test that FAST Fours and Rotories magazine did on all the different synthetic oils, here is a link: ------ this is a reprint of the article from the magazine.

Mobil didn't get on the synthetic bandwagon until they saw their high performance oil market share drop to synthetics (mainly with commercial operators). They have since become a leader (in volume) in this market, but again, I want the best oil money can buy in my car. Both my cars cost close to $40,000 each.......spending and extra $100 a year to provide that "extra" measure of protection on each is trivial at most, and advisable at the least.

As for warrantee, I called MBUSA (as well as Volvo) and they stated that Amsoil meets or excedes all specs. Volvo went as far as placing it on their recommend list (along with Mobil 1 to be fair).

Enough of my rant, thanks for the info on the break-in period anyway.

Happy New Year.

2001 Volvo V70 2.4T, 2002 MB C240

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