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Question 400E diag codes

Greetings once again. Well the timing chain noise is gone (see thread on 400E timing chain noise -bourman) and I got the door panels fixed (another thread), but!!!

Just yesterday the good old check engine light came on my 92' 400E. I checked the codes from the DM and found:


I really didn't know what I was doing , just looked around for lose connectors and found the DM. LED 1, button #2, led 3,4. So what the heck, push button #2 for a few seconds then received 4 blinks. Since I didn't know how to clear the code or if pushing the button several times did anything, I'm not sure if I missed some blinks or what?? So I figured out if you hold the button down for a few seconds (learned later is should be 4 seconds) it blinked 9 times. Then I found out that if you hold it down for about 15sec, it clears the code, then you get 1 blink.

I called my _favorite MBZ mechanic (another story, see 400E timing chain noise/fix on shopForum) and he asked me for the plate number 124034. Then chcking his reference manual told me that the #4 code was sometning to do with the emission control module or something, and that the #9 was the transmission overload switch.

Saying this, I did ntice the other day that the transmission was quietly jumping from gear to gear at about 25mph. This could have been because I had the shift lever between D & 2, don't know??? Seems ok now, but I did notice that on the way home this morning (cold & wet), I was a accelerating smoothly to about 40mph and all of a sudden it seemed to take off as if it was struggling before. Hmmmm, the rest of the way home seemed OK. Could be Iím having hallucinations??? Anyway....

Reading JIM-F's page and some forum notes I cannot find reference to these codes pertaining to the 1992 400E. Is there a difference?

Can you explain what these codes are for my particular vehicle? Where can I get a quick reference for these codes for the 92' 400E?

I haven't made enough "trips" yet to test the code again or to see if the CEL comes back on. Will do in the next few days.

Appreciate any help you can offer.

Bob Bourman
Granite Bay, Ca.
92' 400E
106K miles
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