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Thanks lucky! The car appeared very nice, but I was suspicious of it since day one because it was not a Starmark car, and it was priced $3000 less than any other one that I had seen. A look at the spare tire revealed a scuffed up wheel with a bubble in the sidewall of the tire. The 2 rear tires were Goodyear, and Michelins up front. Accident (nothing came up on CarFax)? To top that off the salesman at Bloomfield Hills (Michigan) MB gave me bogus information when I had him pull up the Master Vehicle Service Log. I knew that it should have been recalled for airbags, but 2 recalls appeared and he told me that it was a steering pump seal when in fact the second recall was for some frame wax sealing (or something close). He also told me that the Airbag recall that I recognized the code for (and did not tell him) was for a seal in the Left Rear of the vehicle because there was a L/R in the code (probably for Left & Right Side Airbags). It just goes to show that all used car salesman are exactly that, even at the MB dealer.

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