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Finally was able to start the rebuild during the Christmas holiday.

To my surprise, after I removed distributor cover, intake hose, drive belt and power steering pump pulley, I found the place fluid leaked from right away, it was not the power steering pump that leaks, it was just the short hose that connected the power steering fluid reservoir and pump, the lower clamp that fastened the hose to the pump was so loose that I could tighten the bolt 5-6 turns, didn't know how that could happen, maybe the person who did the repair job forgot to tighten it?

Though I was just a step away from removing the whole power steering pump, (all hex bolts and a 6 mm Allen screw exposed), I was too lazy to go ahead. To test the result, I put a white paper underneath the car, and left it over night, after a whole day, it didn't leak a drop! before it leaked 3-4 drops a night, that was a easy fix, I have to save the P/S kit for the feature then.
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