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I think the Haynes manual shows only the old style glow plugs (connected in series), therefore, the test method does not apply to your car. The plug should be around 0.9 ohms. It may not possible to read this low resistance if you use the 1K range. In some cases, a glow plug with 0.9 ohms can still give you problems.

Since you were able to start the car with the glow light out, the 80A fuse should be still good. You can buy a digit meter for as low as $6 and it can be used to check the glow plug.

If you are unable to verify the glow plugs, just change them. As Ken300D said, they are cheap. You may find a plug for less than $11. I heard that some people found half of the plug broken inside the engine when they removed the old one. You may find carbon deposit inside too. If you change the plugs regularly (clean the hole with a glow plug reamer if necessary), you may save yourself trouble later, especially if you are living in a very cold area.

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