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Well shoot! I ordered the parts, had them shipped overnight and got two out of three right, but guess which one was wrong... The "transmission cross member plate", the darn thing I bent to start with!!! I called MercedesShop, but they are closed for the holidays; I left a message. I need help identifying the correct part. The Transmission Mount (116-240-04-18) connects directly to the transmission with one 17mm (or 19mm) nut. The other end of the trans mount connects to a plate with two 13mm bolts and that plate attaches to the body with four 17mm bolts. It's the plate I need which has been referred to as the "transmission cross member". I ordered a cross member (126-610-01-14) and it is way wrong -- I believe it mounts somewhere in the rear. Anybody know another name for the plate I need? I need one yesterday (of course). I'll try and get a picture of the plate and post it.

Thanks again, Scott "jack up the car anywhere" Anderson.
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