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Unhappy California 88 260E failed Maryland Emissions

Just went and fail the Maryland’s emissions test on my 88 260E (California model), this was the first time testing for this car in this state. Since I brought the car last year from a friend in California I hadn’t done much to it except change the Oil, ATF and Rear Differential oil (all Redline products). I did recall him saying it failed the California “Smog Test” the first time but pass after the same shop did some things to it. Well anyways the following are my results:

1. Hydrocarbons-FAIL: State Standards-2.0000 GPM, My results 3.2803 GPM
2. Carbon Monoxide-PASS: State Standards-30.0000 GPM, My results 26.5344 GPM
3. Oxides of Nitrogen-FAIL: State Standards-3.0000 GPM, My results 7.3888 GPM
4. Carbon Dioxide-N/A: State Standards-N/A, My results 379.1985 GPM

They gave me a brochure of things that maybe causing the problems. My question to youall is for this particular model is there anything that can cause these readings?

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