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Differences 1977 300D Engine US vs. UK/Euro

I am comparing 1977 300D, W123 diesel engines 617.912 type (one a US model and the other a UK/Euro model) and want to know if anyone knows about differences between the two engines? I have looked at the engines from the outside and they look the same, for example: engine mounts, York AC mount/bracket, alternator bracket mount/bracket, power steering mount/bracket, etc. etc. The official M-B engine manual also shows no differences (other than the need to retorque the head after R&R'ing the head gasket for some versions), but the M-B manuals have been wrong before. I am also looking at the flywheel (both are auto trans), flywheel mounting bolts/pattern, starter mount/bolt pattern, bellhousing mount/pattern, etc., etc. The internal components also look the same according to the M-B manual (crank, rods, pistons, cam, rockers, etc., etc.), but I have not actually compared them since the UK/Euro engine is still assembled (I did remove the valve cover and everything looks the same, but I did not use a micrometer to measure and compare components).

From the info I have and my visual inspection, both engines look the same. However, my knowledge is not perfect and would appreciate any info from more knowledgeable members/moderators.

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