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Wheel alignment DC MD VA

1. Anyone know a good shop or dealer in the DC metro area that can correct a wheel alignment problem, it basically drift to one side when I let go of the steering wheel, also evidence of uneven tire wear. Sounds simple to me...
2. The vehicle, 87 190E 2.3 had been in left-hand drive countries for about 7 years I tried several countries both shops and dealers to have this problem corrected but no luck (the way they drive on the left and not use to diagnose the problem was my way of accepting it during all those years)
3. A common thing is they would play around with the Tie Rods and ended up braking it at my expenses!
4. I thought wheel alignment is done by the eccentric bolts and washers on the control arms.
5. Seven years before that, Id brought the car in California and this was also the common practice, what gives? Id only tried one place (Goodyear)then I got orders to the UK. And the rest as youall know is the unsolvable problem.
6. Well now Im back in the good old US, the state of Maryland and would like to correct this problem any place in MD DC VA?
7. Do youall think they should try to see if the back need adjusting too? How many techs do or know how? Is it common to adjust the rear when you go to the right people that knows what they are doing? Or is this a usually missed item?

Note* I also cross post this in the Good MB Shops and "Wheels & Tires" forum

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