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Few questions:
1) Has there ever been mention by other owners of 97 W210's of problems in rough shifting? My dealer can't figure it out and claims my rough shift from 1-2 to be normal. Shrug, I don't know what to do about it!
2) Aftermarket alarms--since the IR alarm is rather annoying, I had an aftermarket Clifford alarm installed. Everything is fine except that the aftermarket alarm's lock is wired to the factory alarm's lock mechanism, which works great except it prevents the aftermarket alarm from "auto-locking" when the car is started or hits a certain RPM (a feature on the clifford alarm). Does anyone know where the wires are for activating the hydraulic pump door locks? Any suggestions or precautions? I am basically going to relay this information to the installer (who is pretty good just doesn't know where to find the wires haha )