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Joe Fazio
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I just purchased a '79 300D and a few things need to be done. Most importantly right now are the following:
1)The instrument panel lights, (speedo, clock etc.)do not work. The outside lights and both domes work but that's it. The knob on the cluster does nothing.
2)The heater doesn't seem to be working. The fan blows hot air on DEF. only, but nothing on Hi-Auto, Bi-Level or Lo-Auto.
3)Finally, I will need to change the window regulator on the driver's door, (motor runs, no window movement). I started to remove the door panel but it appears to be glued and padded with foam. Can I just yank it off and replace the glue and foam when I'm done? And does the little chrome piece around the inside door handle pop off?
Thank you,