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A great after-market cup holder

I found a great after-market cup holder from Griot's Garage. You can check it out at their website at If you have trouble finding it on their online catagolg, enter product number 77830. It's only $16.95.

When you open it, it automatically adjusts to fit practically any size cup, snapple bottle, even 1 liter bottles.

It is made is Germany, and it's the same cup holder as in the Mercedes 500 SL.

It mounts right on your door, just like the ones that you can find in a dealer that are color keyed to your interior.

I like it much better than the type that you usually find displayed on the parts counter at a dealer, because you don't have to fold down the bottom, pop up the arms, and manually adjust each arm to fit your container. This one opens up automatically when you fold down the lid, which becomes the cup bottom. It's a marvel of modern engineering.

Griot's Garage also has some real nice car care products. A little pricey though, but I love throwing money at my cars. My wife claims that I have a car care products fetish. lol
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