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Thank you for your reply regarding repair to the frame brace on my 74 250.

My concern right now is how to make sure that the weld repair is done properly (after many faulty repairs in the past on various bits). The weld beads on the original joints (the ones at the firewall) are pretty hefty. So, I want the repair to be strong. I am not sure that just cleaning up and rewelding the broken pieces will do it.

My questions involve

Should a piece angle iron be welded to the firewall to strengthen the joint?

How about putting a sleeve over the end of the brace itself and welding to that?

What kind of welding is preferred arc, gas, brazing? Does it make a difference?

As you suggest, the steering box bolts and that weak section of frame they go through really cause hassles. I should have mentioned that I have had that fix done four or five times, mostly inadequately. One mechanic claimed to have welded in a reinforcing plate, but the next one said that none was present. A highly recommended old-Mercedes specialist had the repair done once by his body shop guy, then the box loosened up within months. Apparently, the weld still had a ridge on it on which the steering box rocked (these sorts of problems are one reason that I want details on the currently needed repair). That ridge has now been ground down, and the bolts seem to be holding up. I am hoping that some mechanic somewhere can put their hands on the reinforcement kit.

So, thanks again for your thoughts. Any more ideas about the details that concern me?

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