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The two springs you are refering too are correct. That top on (attached to the throttle cable) is just to give the cable some tension. Their is actually a third spring below the air filter box (this is the one my shop lost). It is the spring that gives your pedal tension (also a spring for pedal tension in the car at the pedal too). Your car might have a steel anti-tamper lock on the fuel/air mixture control. They are suppose to but I took mine off. If you have the anti-tamper lock, the shaft behind the air filter will be flush, if you don't have the lock you will be able to look down the shaft to the 3mm allen screw. Press the adjusting device down with the 3mm allen screwdriver against the spring force, turn it slightly until the adjusting screw head engages in the mixture regulating screw. Turning to the left = leaner (on/off ratio or voltage rises). Turning to the right = richer (on/off ratio or voltage drops). After each adjustment, briefly blip the throttle, make small adjustments. Running richer will make the car faster, but the only draw back to the car running rich is it will destroy your catalyic converter. A small price to pay for better performance. However too rich and the car will not idle smoothly (ever hear a race car idle).