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Thumbs down Shame on you, Mercedes. CLK 55 could not drive on the street or racetrack.

In today's Car and Driver TV show on TNN, they exclusively showed the Super Tuner challenge in The Michigan International Speedway. Read more at

Six cars participated and Mercedes sent a RENNtech CLK60SC ( a tuned 2001 CLK50).

MB drivers, do not feel embarrassed if you keep reading because many of you have had the same experience (thus owner certainly has).

Before the race, all six cars went on a street drive. About a mile into it, the Mercedes fried a Mass Air-flow Sensor (sound familiar, M104 owners?). A Car and Driver employee commented on something like "a 5 cent part disabled the $100,000 car". The stupid Mercedes Driver looked up his part's price and said "$200 dollars, Borsch, expensive".

On the race day, the Mercedes took its first run but (sadly or gladly) it did not finish because a faulty wiring harness fried the onboard computer (sound familiar, M104 owners?). So it was not even ranked as it could not even participated in the challenge.

The winner was a Corvett.

Shame on you, Daimler-Chrysler!!! Do not deny your cars do not have Mass Air-flow Sensor and Wiring harness problems. Your $100,000 car won't even drive, either on the street or on the race track.
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