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I don't think it is pre-ignition as you describe it. I suggest stop calling it pre-ignition. From what you descibe it sounds more like a miss or "no-ignition". I doubt if the cetane boost or the EGR will have any affect on the problem you describe.

You said it runs fine at 4000 RPM? Is this driving down the highway or with the engine racing while the car is parked? It will make difference in understanding how much fuel is being used by the engine. If you are screaming down the highway at 4000 RPM and I am guessing 85 MPH then you are using quite a bit of fuel. However, if you are racing the engine while it is parked, it using very little fuel to get the engine at this RPM.

Number one rule with diesel engines when they start giving you grief is to replace the fuel filters. If you take it to a diesel mechanic that is what they will do. Since the next step is to run some diesel purge through it to clean out any gunk out of the system, you might as well run the diesel purge through before you change the filters. After that I would start looking to see if you have a bad injector or a worn injection pump.

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