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TimK, please note the last sentence of my post. that was done 3K ago Whn I brought the car home. The purge was nothing more than priming the fuel system with it after the injectors and lines were out.

I'm calling it pre-ignition so as to NOT call it nailing. As I fear the "Italian tuneups" i did, did nothing more than beat up a beat up cylinder head even more.

To be specific its at part throttle, and if you go WOT it will "rattle" for a bit until you hit 4000 at which point the engine sounds normal and healthy at the end of its useable rpm range. Not bad accel for a n/a engine running poorly.

Hey, I got a spare filter and was just about to order a few more as the engine will see its first ( I assume) bio in the next few weeks. I could repurge it, but I dont think it'll cure what ails it. Nonetheless, I'll purge it and refilter it. Due for an oil change soon as well.

Worn injection pump eh? How would one diagnose that? Process of elimination I assume.

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