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Thanks for the reply.
I own a Porsche not a prosche as before. I sold that car to an unsuspecting moron.
Anyway here is the gist on the 400E I looked at.

It was a 92 with 89,516 Miles
Second Owner, owned since 38K
Right Side Repainted from back door to core support. Owner had no knowledge of repair.
Minute paint overspray on window rubber in R/R door. R/F door had small sand scratches (View in Bright daylight or High shop lights only)
R/F fender not noticeable until I opened Pass door. 3 Bolts holding back of Fender still loose. Bolt on fender under hold showed primer in a couple of areas where it didn't line up from before. Overspray on hood shock and hose (barely noticable)

Core support missing decals and showed repair.

overall excellent repair and paint match.

Mechanical Issues:

Out of Alignment, outside edge of tire worn.(Tire was low which I thought was reason for pulling to left. I rotated tires good 2 in front bad in back. Adjusted pressure all around. Still Pulls.

Chassis checkout:

Struts starting to seep at top. Front rotors were worn beyond limit. Hot spots and uneven wear. Starting to Crack. rest of suspension in excellent shape.

Rear Diff cover leaking.

Rear Main Seal starting to leak, 10-12 oil trails.
Oil Pressure sending unit leaking.
Valve Cover starting to leak.
Engine otherwies very clean and idled smoothly. Valve Cover oil filler check showed excellent lobe wear and bright finish.

Battery: 1 cell low, 1 med 4 same on Hygrometer check. (MB Battery)

Had good records, Factory Maintenance manuals
Outstanding car, Inside and out, Smoke silver
,Palimino Interior, CD Changer, Dual Air Bags,Toolkit never opened. No ASR or Heated Seats.


Couldn't agree on price, Most items were I my estimation saftey related which would have to be replaced. (Brakes, Tires, struts, (should do shocks as well). I had issue with oil leaks as I like to use Mobil1. Paint and body work not a big issue other than not knowing more about the damage.

Car needs a better gear in the rear. Not much on takeoff response.