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Arrow Unfortunately I have never even driven a vehicle with an OM

Although I know very little about the OM engines (I think that's what's in a '95 E300D).....the Germans generally don't stray too awful far from tried and true technology......

So, your vehicle should have some sort of timing marks on the balancer, and thus you should be able to locate mechanically the TDC of zylinder # 1......if not it can also be done thru the glow plug (but it seems that the glow plugs on a 603 are kinda hard to access).....or you could also pull the injector on # 1 and locate TDC with a dial indicator.....

I don;t know the specs for the 603....W123 Engine Service Manual says "Note this is Not a direct quote"
Locate TDC on #1
Neutralize valve lash .....adjust out all valve lash.....on #1's intake valve
use a dial indicator on the intake valve of #1
Rotate engine to TDC of #1 and #1's intake valve should open 2.0mm
and there may be a mark on the balancer that indicates #1 valve opening that is in alignment with the pointer.....

Anyway, you should be able to check the camshaft timing against the crankshaft.......and if you are really having trouble understanding how to go about it on a 603....try phoning up Roy Hunter at Fastlane....his phone number and e-mail are listed in the "Buy Parts" tab at the top of the page....


Also of note: The Germans generally do not change their file numbering system try looking at 05-215 of your FSM

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