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M111 Cylinder head Gasket change

Hi folks

May I ask the group's advice on changing the cylinder head gasket on my 94 W124 2 litre, with the M111 16valve engine; 102k miles?

I am guessing the head gasket has failed/ is failing, as I've had a very slow water loss now for a year or so, with no visible signs of loss, and now I have a scum in the radiator header tank. Not bad but it needs to be done I think.
Otherwise the car runs 100% OK.
I've worked on simpler (non-OHC 8valve ) cars over the years, and the Haynes book makes it look easy-ish.(Apart from needing a slide hammer to remove the timing guide pin.)

Is this too complex for me to do?

Thanks in anticipation


Surrey England.
W124 1994 2litre. M111 engine 102,000 miles
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