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Don't know about a '92 300D, but on mine there is a accumulator/dryer above the compressor mounted in the engine bay. Up front very close to the radiator. There is a low pressure switch on it to prevent the compressor from burning up if the charge is low.

If you can find yours -- while your car is running, pull the two wires off of it and touch them together. If your compressor clutch kicks in and the compressor runs, you might be okay. If the compressor is locked up, the belt will start slipping and squealing.

This might not be good at all if you have a toothed serpentine belt.

Anyway, that's how I determined the compressor was dead on my car.

Oh -- there's another switch on the accumulator which switches on the auxiliary fan. If you have one and touch those leads together, you'll know it when your fan kicks on.
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