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Originally Posted by Shorebilly View Post
If you would take the time and go to your library......look for a book that explains how internal combustion engines work.....and read up on the how and why of any 4 stroke internal combustion engine.

One must walk before one can run.......


Now, now Brother Billy.

Remember how that one kind old gentleman encouraged us to find a way back when we were young whippersnapers just getting our hands dirty? Well, we've gotta be charitable and encourage them and pass it on. My boy laughs at me and my advice but I notice that in practice, he falls not too far from the tree...I've even learned a few things from him.

Anyway! Enough of the touchy, feeely stuff..

Damn boy, like Shorebilly said ...go search the threads and check out the library, use yore head son! THIMK!

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