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Cruise Control Stops at 60MPH

noticed a problem with my C280 a little over a week ago on the way home from work. I usually put on the cruise control at about 65 because its easy to speed. Well, it didn't stay on and I thought I wouldn't worry about it right away. I turned off on to a different road and set the cruise at 45 and it worked so I thought it was a fluke. I got home, left for vacation the next morning and it had been parked all week. I went to drive it this morning and as usual set the cruise at 65 and it wouldn't set. I remembered back that it hadn't worked before so I slowed down and it worked at the slower speed. I slowly moved it up and it will continue to set and stay at about anything under 60. Anything over 60mph I notice the RPM gauge to change ever so slightly when I try to set it but then it falls off and doesn't set.

I read some other posts about cruise control but didn't see anything that seemed to apply to this really. Any help would be appreciated.

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