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You've got a point loubapache, but somebody's been messing with it other than authorized MBZ people and the car was not sponsored by MBZ, so in my book MBZ is out of responibility's reach.
And vinamg is completely right, harness failure on M104's and M119's occurs due to prolonged exposure to heat after reasonable periods of time. My M119 is gonna be 10 years and 120k miles young in January and I can now start to see that a replacement of the harness will become necessary some time in the near future. This car has been treated well, but also driven reasonably hard and lasted this long and will go a lot further and continue to be an exceptional "autobahn" runner.

The whole point being, this Renntech car is most likely equipped with a modified engine from the modular family, unless they are doing the same thing as AMG does in the DTM and run a 4 valve engine in their cars as well and is thus quite very different from M104's and M119's, so I dont see why the M104 gets a bad rep here.
We also dont know how they have treated that poor car and since it failed so badly, my guess is it was not standard MBZ treatment it received.
To round my argument up, MBZ has always been, since the first automobile racing events and always will be a major, if not the force to be reckoned with in any racing event they participate in. After all the 190E dominated the DTM's in the late 80's and early 90's and was unbeatable in its class during the last years of its production run. How may manufacturers of automobiles can pull close to 400HP out of a naturally aspirated 4, take a street legal chassis and slap above mentioned engine and a cage in, modify the suspension and, bang.... you have a killer racer?
The C-Class did pretty much the same and kicked M3 ass almost as bad as the 190 did and they are doing it now with the CLK again. There also is the F1 team with a car and engine that perform exceptionally well and some say is way superior to the Ferrari, all we need is Michael or Ralf behind the wheel and it will be unstoppable. The CLK-GTR was developed with AMG in Spain in a mere 187 days and went on to become the king of supercars of our period. Forget about the F50, that streetversion is bad, I tell you that.
Also we dont want to forget about the legendary silver arrows, 300SLR, C-111, 300SEL 6.0, 450SEL 6.9 Euro and of course the mighty 500E and many other exceptional sports and racecars.
If Mercedes sets things in motion to build a mean racing machine we are going to see results in any case. If some dumb tuner takes their creation and screws it up to a point of ludicrousness as seen in the discussed event, then holding MBZ reponsible for it is rather shortsighted, I would say. The three pointed star does not belong on that car, that much is certain.
Brabus is at least responsible enough to rebagde their cars with their own symbols, unfortunately Renntech does not and thus merely hides behind the great silver star, trying to do exactly what they succeeded with in your case, divert blame of their own failure to somebody else, MBZ. We are after all talking about the company that started the whole industry here and keeps on redefining it like nobody else. MBZ has been, is and most likely will be the industry leader in automobiles for a long time to come and failures like that come extrememly rare with the inventor of the automobile. If they do, like the CLR at Le Mans or the 300SL back in the 50's, it merely illustrates the point that nobody is perfect, but does nothing really to diminish the reputation of Mercedes-Benz automobiles, as they will come back improved and better than ever.
I dont mean to offend anyone. but with just a few exceptions, most of the responses in this thread, to me sounded like a bunch of rice rocket people *****ing about the superiority of the mighty Benzes and perhaps I completely missed the point, but this is just my opinion. I grew up in Germany seeing MBZ's race at least once a month and no argument will tell me they do not know how to build a race car or fail that stupidly with a tuned street car.
MBZ vehicles of any time and period are argueably the best cars money can buy! The rare exception, reconfirms this rule beautifully and Renntech clearly show us not to buy from them, but go to an authorized dealer instead.

Happy New Year (Frohes Neues Jahr und 'nen guten Rutsch!) and happy MBZ motoring (and in whatever offspring of one you might be riding in) to everybody!
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