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After all the 190E dominated the DTM's in the late 80's and early 90's and was unbeatable in its class during the last years of its production run. How may manufacturers of automobiles can pull close to 400HP out of a naturally aspirated 4, take a street legal chassis and slap above mentioned engine and a cage in, modify the suspension and, bang.... you have a killer racer?

Are you talking about the 2,3-liter 16 valve? Here is that 4-banger's specs:

Bhp: 185 (DIN) at 6200 rpm. Where is your 400 HP from?

With a few exceptions, most of the responses in this thread, to me sounded like a bunch of rice rocket people *****ing about the superiority of the mighty Benzes and perhaps I completely missed the point, but this is just my opinion.

Point being, Mercedes has problems with the MAS and wiring harness, head gasket, etc. in their cars en mass, but fail to admit that or take any responsibility.

If you do a search for the above three things I mentioned on this forum, you get tons of responses. The Renntech is just one manifestation of that. Do you think the Renntech people intentionally put in faulty MAS and wiring harness into that car to be embarrassed? Of course not. These components themselves, their location under the hood, and other things are not designed right.

How many modern auto manufactures would think replacing a head gasket is a routine maintainance??? The owners on this board of the M103 and M104 engines can fill up this forum.
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