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if the pedal does not go al the way to the floor then most likely your parking brake shoes are shot. if you have a reapair manual it should say in there how to do the job. it will involve removing the caliper and the hub. it should be fairly simple. you can try adjusting the brakes first since it cant hurt. Jack BOTH wheels off the ground as one wont turn if the other is on the ground! remove one lug nut. make sure the parking brakes are off and the front wheels blocked also please use jackstands! take a flashlight and look through the hole almost at 80 degrees you will barely see a star wheel. take a screw driver and push the top part of the gears till it wotn turn any more then back off 1-2 turns. if this does not work, then under the car there will be a cable adjustment try that later. if you cant find it i will try to send you a picture.
good luck
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