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Well, if you're only after saving money, the best thing to do is sell the CRV and buy a 2002 Accord or something that has less of a chance of breaking and doesn't cost much either (best of both worlds). The '85 300D will run forever and they are bulletproof, but you still have to contend with non-bulletproof issues - AC failures, axle failures, a thousand rubber items that'll deteriorate, etc.

First decide what you really want:

1) If it's all money driven, then sell the CRV, and either drive the Frontier or buy an Accord over the Mercedes. You'll come out better over the long run.
2) If it's partial money but partial "the Mercedes thing", then sell the CRV, get the 300D and learn to do some work on it - they are built for the mechanically non-inclined. Not everything has to go to a mechanic.
3) If it's not about money at all, then sell the Frontier and use that money to buy the 300D. Drive the 300D when you want to, drive the CRV when you need to enjoy a newer car.

It really is all about what YOU want and what you're willing to pay for what you want. Personally, I keep the SL for "fun days" (so ignore that insanity), but I usually like two daily drivers - an older Mercedes for commuting and "the Mercedes thing", and a Suburban for weekend reliability with the kids. Then again, I can afford to play - I've been fortunate. I like driving the older Benzes a lot, but it's real nice having the modern Suburban every once and a while.
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