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Advice sought on radiator flush, 240D

I have zero practical experience on working on the radiator and I never did any such maintenance since buying the car two and a half years ago (never even had to add any liquid to the radiator either, during this time, the fluid always being at the proper level, which seems kind of strange to me...)

I meant to get to it a few times in the past, but was always stopped by the lack of a clear, straightforward step-by-step tutorial (my Haynes manual tells the story very poorly, and the information I came across on the net is pretty much fragmentary).

Can someone here point me to a good online tutorial, if one is available, or perhaps provide a good step-by-step pictorial with tips, what products are best to be used, pitfalls to avoid, etc.?

It would be very much appreciated...

1979 240D, W123, 105K miles, stick, white w/ tan interior.
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