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Originally Posted by Brian Carlton View Post
Don't purchase a 20 year old vehicle if you need to rely on a mechanic to fix the various issues that you will have. Relatively simple repairs such as window regulators, climate control issues, and vacuum door locks will end up costing a fortune because they are labor intensive and "mechanics" don't want to bother with them in most cases.

Furthermore, such a vehicle will require the traditional repairs that a mechanic will typically perform such as front end work, brakes, cooling system repair and maintenance, a/c work, etc. These repairs will also add up significantly if a mechanic must do them.

If you plan to keep the vehicle in perfect operating condition so that all accessories work and all components are in excellent working condition, this vehicle is not for you.

Naturally, if you don't mind anything that does not work and will tolerate the vehicle starting up in the morning and moving under it's own power, such a vehicle will be perfectly OK for you. Once the engine is running, they rarely strand you due to an engine or transmission failure, although one of us has been notably unlucky lately.
Well said Brian.

I am somewhat mechanically inclined [or mechanically challenged depending on how you look at it] and it still costs me $1000/ year at the shop to keep my daily driver maintained. I still have issues I need to attend to such as windshield seal, dash lights out, need a radiator flush bad, etc.

Just make sure things like the A/C works, the tranny shifts properly and the oil isn't burnt smelling, look at the axle boots to make sure they're not ripped, the climate control works, etc. These kinds of things do cost a fortune to repair.

To sum it up I don't think you're crazy for thinking about making such a move. Just realize that things will go wrong with it unlike newer cars which will have very few shop type problems but the trade off is no payments. And, if everything goes well, the repair bills will still be less than making a payment every month. Thats how it has worked out for me.


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