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Exclamation If you decide on the 300D

Before you purchase the 300D....if that's your choice.....check under the floor carpet, and remove the rear fender covers inside of the trunk.....and look for rust.....not a bad price tho, seems like the going rate for a 300D with 130,000 miles.....

I went to work on my present 300D.....and was surprised to find a bit of rust in those areas....not much to speak of.....but I was surprised enough to have a post about it somewhere on here.....maybe November of '06......someone, either Brian Carlton or the Hatterasdude said that these cars rust from the inside out....also look inside of the front fenders...kinda sorta under the hood springs....there are water drains there, and if plugged for a length of may find rust there as well.....


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