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How does your oil look?

For all you manic oil-changers and extend-the-interval types, as well as Dino vs. Synthetic fanatics alike: how does your oil look after you change it? Just how clean does it look on the dipstick after you've run it up after a change? What change method do you use?

Now, my '88 TE has 175k miles. It's been on a strict diet of Mobil 1 15W50 since 67k, and the head was done 10k ago (head gasket, valve seals & guides, etc) at which point it was determined to look "spotless" inside by my tech. I use a Topsider, and have for a year or so.

I changed the oil 3k miles ago-it still is quite clear, and just now is beginning to discolor. Had to add 1/2 qt. since the change. This amazes me.

My 500E is much the same, although the oil gets darker a bit quicker, say by 2k miles (it has 92k on it now, and I put it on Mobil 1 at 43k).

The Diesel's Black by 100 miles, perhaps sooner. I prefer to leave Diesels out of this discussion (no offense fellow diesel-dogs )

Any/all relevant opinions appreciated.
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