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The engine in the 190E Evo II was a eurospecs 4 cyl, 16 valve 2.5 and not available in the US. The street version produced 235hp and, correction the racer produced 373hp not 400hp. My mistake! Bekkers has a similar Evo II racer. They claim 375+hp.
Looks quite radical with a huge wing and extreme body kit. You 've got to see them in action though to really appreciate these grand little racers.
Here's a link with a bit of info:
There is more info out there. Just do a search if you want to know more. And just of rhte heck ot it check this site out, for a look at a MBZ legend:

And regarding the head gasket and other parts things, I cannot recreate the same complaints from personal experience, as I have had a M103 up to 204 k miles and the headgasket was never done. No need to. No problems with the air mass sensor on my M119 either, the harness will need to be replaced though, but thats after 120K miles. And I know of other people who never had to do any of the replacements you are talking about.
Perhaps it depends on how you treat the car after all, even a german car does not do to well with abuse of any kind. Sometimes people seem to think: It cost $ XXX.XXX , so it will withstand all the abuse I can throw at it. Not the case. Sorry!
And at times I am very stunned how some people threat their cars here in this country and its up to the following owners to correct the damage done to the cars by the previous ones. Unfortunately you 've got to have a lot of money in this country to afford a new Benz. Rich people do not care about teh condition of these cars most of the time and just drive them into the ground and then switch to a newer one.
I dont quite understand your frustration, since you seem to own quite a few Benzes and if unsatisfied, one would assume you would own something else.
As you have perhaps already concluded, I am quite the MBZ extremist and apologize if I have offended you or anybody else.

Happy New Year!


P.S.: Thanks for the support and link, Ross!
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