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Here are a few items. You already know about the radiator, but their is more to it. The top radiator hose connects to your thermostat housing. Their is an updated thermostat housing that has a metal ring inside of it too. If you don't replace it then it will break just like the radiator (it's only $15 though). The water pump has been updated, the new one has a drain valve. The front engine cover has been updated four times, which includes an updated oil pump as well. Do get the updated version because the old one does not get enough oil on the timing chain, this could be real bad if you do allot of hard driving. As has already beem stated, get the updated timing chain tensioner, might as well change the timing chain while you are at it. You do not want the timing chain tensioner breaking, and the original one is defective and will fail. To perform these changes will take about 15 hours plus parts. The parts will be around $650 to replace everything I have just listed. Also their is a plastic clip that can break on the throttle cable. See my post in "The Pro's Tech Tips" entitled "Throttle cable clip breaking". That will only cost you a dollar.

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