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I have checked out the car for the rust, etc. The guy who owns it knows every inch of the car and has done all of the work himself. He is leaving the country for a job and says he wants to find another where he's going. He's even giving me any leftover parts, the car cover, etc.

I guess I am basically trading off no payments, interest, higher insurance, depreciation -- for a car that will have more upkeep and that I should be able to sell and not lose much on in the future, should I die or something else comes up. It's not so much a matter of the $$$. Sounds kind of weird but I have such an appreciation for MB's. The Honda's safe but boring and little maintenance. When I get behind the wheel of a MB, something comes over me that I can't explain. My parents have never had a car payment and it is taking me a little longer but I am starting to realize a lot of things my parents were telling me are really true.

Thanks for your advice. I am going tomorrow to pick her up. I'll post some pics after I get her home so you all can see what I have done. Lance
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