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My final word on this thread

About the HP of the 190E engine, fair enough. But now you are talking about non-street car engines or engines not available in the US. I am ignorant about race engines so I will take your word for it. If I had the time, I would do some research and maybe I can find another manufacture that produced something similar.

Also, the MAS issue and others you mention usually occur on cars with in excess of 100k miles on them, does that make the whole car a POS?

Well, the fact that your car does not have MAS problem or have that problem at high miles does not mean others do not have the problem or have the problem at low miles. As a matter of fact, if only a low percentage of cars have that problem, it is not even a problem at all. But if a high percentage of cars have the same problem at low mileages, then it is a problem. "Does that make the whole car a POS?", probably not as many MB owners do not even care because they simply give it to the dealer, tell them "fix it" and will be gladly pay for it. (The previous owner of my 1987 300TD paid $348 for the labor on front brakes and the work order states "replace pads and machine rotors". This is from an authorized MB dealer. WOW!)

This MAS is an emission related equipment and it SHOULD have a 8 year and 80kmi warranty according to EPA. But MB singled this item out and only warranty it for 4 yeas and 50kmi (in the US). It is a fine print on the emission warranty booklet.

So many drivers of the 1990 - 1995 S class diesel (3.5 liter) have problems with their engines. NOT EVERY ENGINE HAS PROBLEM but a high percentage have premature failures. MB never take responsibility for that. The "poor" (or should I say the rich) MB S class owners spent between $7,000 - $10,000 to have MB crate engines installed to replace the bad engines.

Now back to our MAS and head gasker issues.

About MAS, take a look at

Mass Air Sensor !!! Please help.

The thread was initiated by an owner of a 1999 ML320.

In that thread, a Mercedes Benz Master Technician wrote:

"Bosch would be that vender on the air mass sensor!! VERY high failure rate!!! However MB must take some of the blame as they installed this sensor directly above the EXHAUST manifold."

"VERY high failure rate!!!" please note that.

He further added:

"I have replaced probably 50 mass air meters and done 50-100 head gaskets. ONLY the ones under the 50k mile warranty are done under warranty at our dealers."

That implies there are MAS and head gasket failures under 50kmi. The one on my 1997 E320 failed at 57kmi, much lower than 120kmi you quoted. Actually, I would be glad if it lasted 120kmi as the repair for the MAS was over $800 from an authorized MB dealer.

94000001 Replace Mass Air Sensor $249.88
1 000-094-18-48 Air Mass Sen $534.30

About head gasket, take a look at
104 eng. Bullit proof? or Prone to breaking down?

In that thread, the same Mercedes Benz Master Technician wrote:

"I think that the 104 is one of the best engines. The wire harness will be replaced under a goodwill for 120k miles at our local dealer. The have done hundreds for us...As for the head gasket, yes, one in 3 will fail early"

Another MB technician wrote (also in the same thread):

"There's some slight seepage at the rear corner of the head, but that's normal".

Right, that is normal for a M104 engine to seep oil from the opinion of a MB technician. What does that say?

The one on my 1997 E320 failed at 48kmi and was replaced under warranty. Now at 59kmi, it is leaking again. I am,by no means, for abuse driver on my cars.

There is even a joke among those who have owned MB for years and here it is, FWIW. A MB owner takes his(her) beloved Mercedes to a mechanic and complains about an oil leak in the car. The mechanic says "that is normal, all Meredes I have seen leak." Now that would be fair if the Toyotas and Hondas also leak but, rather unfortunately, they do not.

Let's agree to disagree and stop this thread. You can have the final word on it.

I maintain my position, that is,


Cars have problems, make no mistake about it. But if the problem is of high frequency, then the manufature should take some responsibility for it. That is all I am saying. MBUSA is so ignorant it won't accept anything unless the government gets involved as in the case of the trap oxidizer in the 86 - 87 diesels. On tis forum, there is a Honda dealer foreman. If you read his messagea about how Honda takes its responsibilities of their frequent problems, you maybe amazed (I certainly was).

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!
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