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Mr. M.B. Doc, thanks for all your help.

I finally got some time to work on this.

That valve you mentioned,

What does it look like?
Hoses, wires coming out of it?
How Can I tell if it is open or stuck closed?
Can that valve assembly be diagnosed?
Sorry "DUO" ? I am lost

The part you mentioned 001-830-14-84 ($436.) I canít find on FastLane, I can find

R3022-88891 ACC Mono Valve $436.00

For that year, and that model, I think it just may be the difference in wording.
Sorry to be such a pain but, I am sure you understand, that a part that costs that much money and probably not returnable, I donít want to replace and find out later that it is not the one. I just want to be sure.