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The key with guides is an appropriate interference fit as they are pressed in. As it turns out the standard guides are oversize anyway. Years ago the the true standard guides were available. As example a the outside diameter of your guides will be about 14.01mm. The standard replacement will be 14.05mm. The guides are also available in 14.20mm and 14.40mm.

If a guide is loose in the head or assembles too easy then a larger guide is necessary. I think MB would have you broach the hole in the head to the appropriate ID. This is a very dangerous procedure as there is no going backward. An old MB tech told me 25 years ago how to do it safely. You cut the larger guide to a little bigger than the hole on a lathe (this sometimes requires trial and error with the loss of a guide or two). Then you drive it in with at least as much force as the good ones (since the hole is deformed a tighter than normal fit will be required). The head hole will be slightly ovalled and the guide will be forced to the shape. They won't come out. After this the inner diameter must be sized by reaming to the proper diameter.

The added size of the new guides will work in all holes that the old guides were firmly installed.
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