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Angry Diesel cold starting weirdness.. anyone??

Here's some additional diesel starting weirdness..

1978 300D W123 154,000 miles....
No block heater(well, the new one is in the trunk)
Temperatures have been DAMN cold here (+10F in the mornings)

When I first glow to start.. car has been coughing and hacking like fuel is restricted or glow plugs are not working correctly. However, turn car off, re-glow immediately, car starts much more easily and gets to smooth idle right away. Any ideas? On the second glow, the glow light has been staying on for a few seconds as well after the car starts...... bizarre.

Also, for those who have slow cranking on cold mornings... A new battery and synthetic oil seems to make a HUGE difference. The car has been turning over almost as quickly as in warm weather. Nice.

Cheers and thanks to all.

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