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Unhappy More auto-leveling system help PLEASE!!!!!

Here's my problem, my 1998 E320 wagon drives like a truck, even with new accumulators. For comparison, I once had a Z51 optioned Corvette (Race ready suspension) and it's as harsher on bumps as that.

I can get the car to bounce when I push on it, although only about 2 inches maximum. It's great on smooth rolling roads but, hit a pothole or railroad track or a little asphalt seam on the highway and the car bounces HARD. The car seems to auto level OK, at least I can get it to raise/lower when I'm under the car and manually operate the controller. So I think something is off with my system base pressure. Maybe it is too high; but, I don't have a pressure guage that reads that high.

I don't know how system pressure is controled. Other than the level control unit I see no check or pressure control valve. Maybe that's where my problem is. I've had into the dealer. They say it rides OK; I've felt the ride degrade over the last 6 months and I've driven other wagons to know the difference. The only thing I've noticed that helps is to set the level control unit really low (it helps but doesn't fix the problem). But then the rear end sags too much when the car is loaded and I develop a slight vibration in the steering wheel. I guess the sagging rear alters the geometry of the front suspension so much that becomes degraded also. Heck of a catch 22.
So unless BOTH of the new accumulators I installed are bad, I need some input from someone, hopefully a tech.

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