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The cup holders that are available for $40.00 are the same that are you'll find on the parts counter at most dealers. You can get them color keyed to your interior, but they didn't match mine very well at all (Parchment). My friend has a boat and the cupholders on his boat are the same.
The obvious disadvantage is there are so many steps everytime you put a beverage in: fold down the lid, raise up both arms, then adjust out each arm to the diameter of your cup. Then, when you want to close it, you have to push both arms to the 'in' position, fold them down, then raise up the lid to close. See? Too many steps. The newer model is black, looks good in any car in any color, and opens in one beautifully engineered motion.
You're also only spending 16.95, instead of 40.00. You can take you and your wife out to dinner with the money you have leftover.
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