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How many hours for timing chain&rails job? 84 190E

Well I have the parts and I'm getting cold feet.

My 84 190E has 170,000 miles on it and I feel that my timing chain is living on borrowed time. I do have a bit of clatter on a cold start up also indicating possible tensioner problems. A little weak in the power dept and a little hard to start up.

I check my benz manuals and see what I have to go through to get that damn chain cover off: geez! I thought my 944 cars were bad. It wouldnt be so bad if I didnt have to drop the oil pan. That engineer who designed the oil pick up tube to be attached to the back of the chain cover must have had a sadistic streak in him.

I may take the easy way out and just roll in the new chain and replace the tensioner with out the guide rail.

1. How many hours to do the job right?
2. Will an 'over the counter' harmonic balance puller work?
3. Does anyone without that 'pocket size size slide hammer' to pull the pins out have any suggestions on making one or a good substitute?
4. The flywheel lock: Is that a Benz specific one?
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