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I've recently purchased a 1970 250C. There are many many jobs that I'm, one by one, getting to. Any help with these two odd questions would be appreciated.

The seats have all been reupholstered and the padding, springs, and coverings are nearly faultless. But the main frame of the drivers' seat is pretty tired--this car's gone over 200k miles. The lower metal stop against which the seat back tab rests has broken off on the door side so the seat back sits slightly lopsided. I could either epoxy or solder in some new metal, I guess. Or might I be able to find a better frame and swap springs, padding and covering? Also, the vacuum locks don't work on either seat.

The P.O. fitted inertia reel harnesses to the front seats, but left the original (I guess) Kangol lap belts in the rear, aging under the seat. I expect to haul rear seat passengers very rarely, so I just want to make sure there are good lap belts back there. I don't think I need to retrofit a full 3-point harness. I kind of like the look of the Kangol hardware. Is there any company that will renew the webbing using the original hardware?

Thanks in advance,

Paul Berk