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I recently sold my 98 Honda Accord V6 and opted for an 85 300D to take me on a 100 mile commute through Atlanta each day. The car is in excellent shape with perfect books, records and receipts. Just had the 30,000 mile service performed at 180,000 K with no problems. It is a california version (scared me at first, but has had trap replaced per MB and recently had upgrade to Oxidation Catalyst with new turbo under warranty).

Anyway, when the engine is cold, I always hear a knocking or hard clicking noise until it warms up. It is very noticable to me in the morning but is less noticable when the car warms up. I thought it might be a rod, but my mechanic said it could be a fuel injector. Just got back from a 600 mile day trip to Nashville with no problems and 29 mpg. Is this "noise" something I should be concerned about, or is my lack of knowledge on diesels showing. any help would be appreciated.

PS What a great web site!!!! Keep up the good work.

G. Kimbrough
Alpharetta, GA
85 300DT 180,000K (5000 K in 2 mos.)