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Angry SL320 Noise

I have a 1995 Sl320 I purchased about 2 months ago. I love the car. I do have one annoying problem, however. When I get the car up to around 60 MPH I hear a high pitched whine that seems to be comming from behind the drivers seat. I also seem to feel a slight vibration. The whine goes away when you let off the accelerator. Also, the whine diminishes as you go above 60 MPH.
I had it to the dealer and they balanced the rear tires and wrote on my slip "possible rear problem, need more time to diagnose". The vibration seems slighly better since the tires were balanced but the whine is still there. The car has 75,000 miles on it and I believe it was hit at one time on the drivers side.
Does anyone have any ideas ??

Also, according to my owners manual, the windows supposedly should crack open slightly upon opening the door and then shut after the door is closed to make the doors easier to close. Mine doesn't do that and the dealer says that the car doesn't have that feature. Is this true ??

Thanks in advance !!
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