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My benz got hit... some options...

Hey there,
Yea, I was driving my parents car and my dad was driving mine on the way to get the brake pads changed. (The light had been on for over a month, but my dad insisted it was a fused light indicator... when I found out what it really was, I refused to drive the car, because if I were to get into a wreck... the insurance would probably drop me) Anyway... im driving in front of him, when I have to stop pretty hard, he however, can't... and he hits me at like 3mph. The land rover has no damage because he hit me at the bumper, but the mercedes got hit right under the hood badge, and the hood is all crumpled. The front ligts are also both craked, and im afraid there might be some radiator damage. I however couldn't really tell because I was looking throught the holes made in the grille... Anyway, we drove the car to the shop, and the insurance guy is supposed to come out and cut a check. Now, the car was a 92 300E, and it will most likely need a new hood, and definetaly new lights. So I was thinking this would be a perfect time to get euros, considering they cost less than OEM american assemblys. Also, since I need a new hood, should I get one from a newer w124? I was thinking I would get an avant guarde grill, considering that and the original cost the same. But im not sure about the hood. Would the newer hood require any modifcations to fit? The only reason I would consider a newer one is because I heard the euros don't quite fit with the old style hoods. Am I wrong here? Thanks.
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